Blue Derby Mountain Bike Tracks

Blue Derby Mountain Bike Tracks and Shuttles

The Blue Derby mountain bike tracks became a reality after a grant was provided from the government in February 2015. Stage 2 and 3 were completed in October 2015 and 2016.  This world class mountain bike track network includes 80km of awesome tracks.

Most noteworthy is the development of further tracks and infrastructure by the Dorset Council. Development will include family friendly green trails and incorporate the beautiful lake which will provide a stunning family adventure. Derby Digs prides itself on being family friendly property in the growing mountain bike community in Derby, Tasmania.

The tracks meander their way through Tasmania’s temperate rainforest and just spectacular!

Trail Network Details:

Trail Maps and Information:

Mountain Bike Shuttles:

At present Derby has two highly professional and knowledgeable shuttle services. We suggest a minimum of 3 days in Derby and 4 days or more is ideal. Feel free to contact us for track and shuttles advice. Check out Derby Digs Cottage rates to plan your trip.

Bus to Berms

Contact: Damian Von Samorzewski
Mobile: 0476 683 101
Damian is very helpful and he has great knowledge of the area and tracks.

Check out some of Damo’s ride suggestions 

Vertigo MTB

Contact: Buck
Vertigo MTB Contact: 0488 463 333
Vertigo MTB do uplift shuttles, bike hire and run the local bike shop.

Ride Blue Derby Information has useful information about the mountain bike tracks, Derby and surrounds